Marine Organization for Sepanjang Marine Terminal, Focusing on Cargo Storage and Lifting Operation

Sepanjang Marine Terminal


Re-Activation of Sepanjang Blok by MGA Utama Energi

Oil Production Forecast by recent well re-activation are up to 4000-6000 bbls per day. However, currently Shore Production Storage Facility Capacity only approx. 6000 bbls. Therefore, Floating Storage Capacity 100.000- 150.000 bbls is needed.

With potential sales of approx ± 60.000 - 70.000 bbls per 2 weeks, the Cargo Lifting Operation per 2 weeks or 24times/year near by Sesil Island anchorage area will be expected.

For short term strategic business sales and to ensure the business continuity, several main activities are required as well as its license to operate, system, and Expertises both at site and head office.

Scope of Work Sepanjang Site Marine Terminal

  • Terminal Activity
  • Cargo Custody Transfer Activity

Critical Terminal Activity

Critical Terminal Activity

Cargo Custody Transfer Critical Activity (STS nearby Sesil Island Area)

Marine Critical Activity at Head Office

Marine Terminal License

Custody Transfer License

MANPOWER for Terminal Operation & Custody Transfer at Site

Marine Manpower at Head Office