HSE Policy

PT MGA Utama Energi is committed to managing standard of Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Management performance across all our business activities in Oil and Gas Industry. PT MGA Utama Energi is dedicated to the belief that our operations not only protect natural environment but also ensure the safety and well-being of our employees, contractor and other related parties. Achieving continuous improvement in Health, Safety and Environmental performance is integral to our operation and deeply embedded in our business integrity.

Company is committed to the implementation, review and continuous improvement of its Health, Safety and Environment Management System and will strive towards the elimination of any deficiency. In order to meet our commitment, Company will:


  • Exemplify visible and good leadership that engages employees and services provider and manage HSE performance as a line responsibility with clear authorities and accountabilities.

  • Ensure that all employees and contractors understand that working safety is a condition of employment, and that they are each responsibility for their own safety and the safety of those around them.

  • Ensure to mitigate and control every potential high risk activity for human and environment. Stop Work policies demonstrate that establish the responsibilities and authority for all employees to stop work they believe to be unsafe.

  • Identify, assess and manage HSE issue on all stage of our operations to prevent or minimize risk of harm to people, to environment and facilities. 

  • Provide employee with the capabilities, knowledge and resources necessary to instill personal ownership and motivation to achieve HSE excellent.

  • Provide relevant safety and health information to contractors and required them to provide proper training for the safe, environmentally sound performance of their work.

  • Comply with applicable regulation and laws of Indonesia, Oil and Gas Industry Standards and green Environmental protection.

  • Maintain a secure work environment to protect ourselves, our contractors and the Company’s assets from risks of injury, property loss or damage resulting from hostile acts.

  • Communicate our commitment to this policy to our subsidiaries, affiliates, contractors and Indonesian government to get their support.

Through implementation of these policies, Company seeks to earn a trust and to be recognized as a good company.