Mission & Values

Our Vision

To continue to grow as a leading independent oil and gas development and production company and creates value sustainable manner through innovation, efficiency and respect to drive progress society.

Our Strategy
  • Establishing business units in the fields Oil and Gas based on fairly, healthy and transparent commercial principles.
  • Work effectively and in harmony with partners, regulators, governments, shareholders and communities helping improve lives.
  • Empowering the competence and capacity of professional human resources and strengthen corporate financial fundamentals.

Our Shared Value


Creating an inclusive and trust based work environment


Holding ourselves to stringent and uncompromising standards in behavior and conduct


Putting safety first at all times, aligning standards across assets, geographies and cultures

Result Orientated

Using skills, experience, initiative and training to delivers as promised responsibly


Using environmental best practice and reduce our environmental footprint through the life cycle of development wherever we operate