Social Responsibility

PT MGA Utama Energi is a proud community partner and strives to foster a culture of openness and engagement. We are pleased to be able to offer social support to promote the wellbeing of local residents.

Sustainability Principle

Implementing sustainability principles in all the Company operations as follows:

•Principles of responsible investment

•Principles of strategy and sustainable business

•Principles of social risk management and environmental

•Good governance principles

•Principles of informative communication

•Principles of inclusive

•Principles of developing priority leading sectors

•Principles of coordination and collaboration

Sustainability Principle

PT MGA Utama Energi is Committed to upholding sustainability that covers economic, social and environmental aspects.

The policy is also aimed at:

•Ensuring the consistent implementation of ethics, principles and norms

•Implementing transparent and accountable governance practices

•Ensuring the stakeholders engagement to meet their expectations and interests

•Creating long-term benefits and minimizing negative impacts on stakeholders throughout the entire supply chain

•Compliance with applicable laws and regulations both at the national and international levels.

Spend with Supplier

PT MGA Utama Energi is committed to partnering with local companies and our supplier with national suppliers.