Welcome to PT MGA Utama Energi

PT MGA Utama Energi (“MGAU” or the “Company” is an independent oil and gas company that has operating area in Indonesia. MGAU operate across the full range upstream activities covering the exploration, development and production of oil and gas reserves and resources.

Current portfolio include existing onshore and offshore upstream assets in Sepanjang Onshore (“SED”) and Pagerungan Utara Offshore (“PUO”) under Production Sharing Contact (“PSC”) with Government of the Republic of Indonesia. Our operations are planned to deliver safe, efficient and effective solutions in environmentally safe manner.

The Company applies its extensive skills in reservoir management, innovative use of modern technique and drilling technique to the exploration and production of oil and natural gas in our area. We also seeks to grow acquisition and its constantly on the lookout for the right opportunities in the market, with a focus on low to medium risk conventional oil & gas assets and grow to be a leading oil and company in the region.